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These are photos that you’ll keep for the rest of your life, so how do you keep your newborn photos looking natural? Our retouchers will clean the skin, correct the color and adjust the background while keeping your baby’s beautiful, natural glow.

Basic Examples $2.89
Advanced Examples $4.89
High-End Examples $9.89


Photo retouching plans. Choose the plan that suits your needs.

Quick, professional photo editing
$ 2
1 Photo
  • Light and color correction
  • Face skin smoothening (up to 3 persons)
  • Teeth whitening
  • Red eyes removal
  • Clipping path, masking without retouching (for product photos)
Suitable for most things plan
$ 4
1 Photo
  • All basic corrections
  • Detailed skin retouching (2 persons) or Mini corrections (5 persons)
  • Body retouching, shaping
  • Background cleaning
  • Removing stray hairs
  • Newborn photos editing
  • Product photos retouching
The best service for any task and any photo
$ 9
1 Photo
  • All Basic corrections
  • All Advanced corrections
  • High-end beauty retouching (up to 2 people)
  • High-end hair and make-up retouching
  • Braces removal, glass glare removal
  • Background changing
  • Remove/add people
  • Head swap
  • Jewelry retouching


We are ready to edit 1 sample photo for free to get acquainted with our service and quality.

Architecture Retouching

Photos of buildings require special architecture retouching. It may seem easy to shoot a house or a skyscraper, but in fact, it’s one of the most complicated kinds of photography. Photo editing and using special retouching services are a must for these photos, even if they are a result of the work of an experienced photographer.

Significance of Architectural Photography Retouching

Taking pictures of buildings and structures has its own specifics and applies certain limitations for photographers. The main problem with this type of photography is that you can’t set the lighting and have to use natural light. It means that you have to patiently wait for the perfect moment to show the building in the best way.

Interior pictures are easy to make, but they still need a lot of processing to show their full potential. You can’t move certain objects and have to build a composition around them even if it causes some trouble. Exterior pictures also require multiple inconveniences. For example, you have to stay in the rain or wind for a long time.

That’s why the possibility of enhancing the shots and adding desired background is so important. Of course, it can’t erase all the difficulties related to this kind of photography, but at least retouching services open new opportunities and give a chance to provide quality images without additional stress.

The Application of Architecture Retouching

The most common way to use the enhanced photos of the buildings is by placing them in catalogs of real estate agencies. We know how to make a house or an apartment look attractive. Upon request, we can prepare photos for printing by processing them in a special color profile. You can add such pictures to the catalog without additional changes and editing.

The second category of people who need high-quality pictures of buildings are the owners of tourist resources and architecture portals. Designers and architects add such images to their portfolios, and interior pictures can be useful for demonstrating hotel suites on the dedicated resources. In other words, quality pictures of buildings are in high demand.

Is It a Profitable Solution for Photographers?

Architectural photography retouching is not a free option, and you may think that you can do it yourself. Well, if you like working with small details in redactors, it’s up to you. But in fact, the majority of photographers hate this part of the job. You can spend more time doing other things by ordering a photo editing service online.

Remember that while you are processing the pictures, you can make another session and earn money. It means that you lose profits. And these losses can be much more significant than spending on professional retouching.

FlipRetouch offers the following services:

  • Basic processing. If you need only color correction and want to alight the horizon, you’ll have to pay only $2.89 per image.
  • Advanced level of enhancement includes also cleaning of the background, enhancing structure elements on the photo, and even drawing the missed parts of the construction. Such services will cost you $4.89 for one picture.
  • High-End level gives you full freedom regarding the architecture retouching. You can order the improvements from the previous levels and ask to replace or remove the background or make advanced processing. This service costs $9.89 per picture.

For wholesale clients, FlipRetouch offers an individual approach, so you can contact us and discuss the personal pricing and the scope of services. If you have any questions regarding the service or pricing plans, our manager is happy to answer them.


Is it safe to use FlipRetouch online services?

Sure! All our employees cannot disclose the personal information of clients, according to the NDA signed with the company. Also, we never use the received photos for personal purposes and in our portfolio.

Is it a reliable service?

FlipRetouch is one of the best online architectural photo editing services. We work only with experienced retouch artists and use professional equipment for processing. We are proud of our results, and the customer feedback proves our work’s outstanding quality.

How fast will I receive results?

We make all required processing in less than 48 hours. We never miss the deadline because we never delegate the job to third parties. By placing the order, you can be sure that you’ll get the processed images in two days.

Will I receive a discount?

We have a system of discounts when ordering more than 50 photos. Therefore, the more pictures in one order, the cheaper the cost of the order will be.

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