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Let us create the perfect background, clean any surfaces and place your product in a real-life scenario. We’ll make your product as attractive as possible! Also, check out our professional jewelry retouching services.

Basic Examples $2.89
Advanced Examples $4.89
High-End Examples $9.89


Photo retouching plans. Choose the plan that suits your needs.

Quick, professional photo editing
$ 2
1 Photo
  • Light and color correction
  • Clipping path, masking without retouching (for simple objects)
  • Ghost mannequin
  • Saving under the specified format and size
Suitable for most things plan
$ 4
1 Photo
  • All basic corrections
  • Background cleaning
  • Cleaning items (dust, dirt, scratches)
  • Highlights and shadows retouch
  • Recoloring simple objects
The best service for any task and any photo
$ 9
1 Photo
  • All Basic corrections
  • All Advanced corrections
  • Textile smoothing
  • Recoloring complicated objects
  • Clipping path for complicated items
  • Background changing
  • Jewelry retouching


We are ready to edit 1 sample photo for free to get acquainted with our service and quality.

Product photo editing service is one of the most significant activity areas of our company. ECommerce product photo editing is necessary for every seller preparing goods for eBay or for Amazon.

Nowadays, people prefer online shopping. It’s much more convenient to select products in the comfort of your own home and use the delivery services. The pandemic situation increased the growth of this sector. That’s why online trade is especially beneficial. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to earn money and expand your business.

In order to attract buyers and present your goods in the best possible way, you need good photos. The catalog should include only first-class photos. Even the slightest mistake can push your potential clients to competitors.

Do You Need eCommerce Product Photo Editing?

You may think that taking attractive pictures is easy, and all you have to do is get a good camera. Unfortunately, it’s far from the truth. Even the most experienced photographer manages to take 1 picture of sufficient quality from seven or ten shots.

Another challenge is the size and format of the pictures. You need to ensure consistency and a proper color profile according to your goals. It means that you have to edit product photos before placing them on the pages of your site or in your catalog. 

How to Edit  Photos?

There are two options for eCommerce product photo editing: you can do it yourself or order editing from a processing service. We recommend the second option, even if you are a photographer and know how to use Photoshop, and here are the reasons.

  1. It saves time. Retouching takes more time and effort than the session. And not all professionals like to do it. In fact, retouching artist is a separate profession, and if you prefer taking pictures but not sitting in front of the monitor, it’s completely normal. Spend time on things you love, and experienced retouchers will take care of the photos.
  2. It saves money. This point seems counterintuitive because you have to pay for product photo retouching services. But if you calculate the time you spend and the earnings you miss while editing, you’ll see the benefit. Time is money and your most valuable resource. Outsourcing photo processing to professionals you actually save or even earn more.
  3. It ensures quality. Let’s face the truth; we can’t be equally good in different areas. That’s why it’s a wise idea to do your job and let others do theirs. Don’t blame yourself if you can’t manage retouching software. Order photo processing, and spend time perfecting your skills in your chosen profession.

If you are not a photographer and have no idea about methods of processing, it’s even wiser to resort to professional services. So, the answer to the question in this section is simple: the best way to edit product photos is using FlipRetouch services.

Product Retouching from FlipRetouch

We have great experience of working in this field and know all the basic requirements for enhancement of different types of photos. Each area has its challenges and difficulties, and clients have various goals. That’s why we provide three levels of processing.

  1. Basic improvements of the photo. This level includes simple retouching, horizon evening, color adjustment, and other simple manipulations. The price of one picture is $2.89, and this pricing plan is a perfect solution if your pictures are good and need only slight enhancement.
  2. This product photo editing service costs $4.89 per image, and the manipulations are more complex. You can order adjustments to lights and shadows, cleaning of the background, and other corrections. This level of processing allows work with such materials as metals, glass, and gemstones. They require special processing to look impeccable in the photos.
  3. Maxi level includes all manipulations you can possibly desire. For example, retouch artists can change or remove the background completely or make collages from your photo. It costs $9.89 for one picture.

Sometimes requirements of our clients go beyond these set retouching plans, and we are always happy to discuss individual pricing if you have an unusual order. We love our job and love challenges. If you practice product photography and have really big orders, we’ll gladly help.

FlipRetouch or Other Services?

As we have already determined, resorting to professional services is the best idea when it comes to photo processing. And now we want to tell you why our company is a perfect choice:

  1. We have wide experience in preparing photos for Amazon and for eBay listings. It means that our retouchers know all the requirements of these platforms and can make your pictures really attractive.
  2. We use only professional software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and CaptureOne. It allows for providing impeccable results in each order. Our equipment is beyond all praise too. Calibrated IPS monitor displays photos in detail and makes possible even the most delicate workmanship.
  3. We never use third-party services and rely only on our in-house retouchers. Outsourcing the work to the freelancers means the risk of disrupting the deadlines, and we can’t afford it. FlipRetouch can boast the effective process organization; that’s why we were able to build our reputation.
  4. We understand the importance of a personal approach. We are ready to discuss special terms and conditions if the set retouching plans aren’t acceptable in your case. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or the contact form on the site.

FlipRetouch means quality. You can see it in the feedback of our customers and in the samples presented on the site. We want to deliver the best possible result in each case, and this attitude makes us the best company to work with. The majority of our clients return for another order, and it’s the confirmation that we do everything right.

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