Newborn Retouching Service

These are photos that you’ll keep for the rest of your life, so how do you keep your newborn photos looking natural? Our retouchers will clean the skin, correct the color and adjust the background while keeping your baby’s beautiful, natural glow.

Advanced Examples $4.89
High-End Examples $9.89


Photo retouching plans. Choose the plan that suits your needs.

Suitable for most things plan
$ 4
1 Photo
  • All basic corrections
  • Light and color correction
  • Detailed skin retouching
  • Red eyes removal
  • Stray hairs removal
  • Horizon align
  • Background cleaning
The best service for any task and any photo
$ 9
1 Photo
  • All Basic corrections
  • All Advanced corrections
  • High-end beauty retouching (up to 2 people)
  • High-end hair and make-up retouching
  • Smooth lines and wrinkles on clothes
  • Complex objects removal
  • Background changing


We are ready to edit 1 sample photo for free to get acquainted with our service and quality.

Children are the most important part of our lives. Editing newborn photos helps to keep the most precious moments of their first days as a perfect memory. Baby photo retouching is the best way to enhance the pictured images of your baby. We offer the best services in the area of newborn retouching.

What Can You Get from Newborn Retouching?

Different retouching plans open various opportunities, and you can choose depending on your preferences and the desired level of processing. In general, newborn photo editing services include:

An advanced retouching plan offer

  • the basic corrections of slight imperfections and defects of the camera;
  • skin editing: retoucher will even the skin color, clean the blemishes, etc.;
  • shaping and retouching of the body;
  • processing of the background;
  • work with hair;
  • other necessary enhancements.

In a high-end retouching plan, you’ll receive:

  • all the corrections of the previous level;
  • hairstyle and make-up adjustment if you have adults in the picture;
  • beauty retouching;
  • all possible changes to the background;
  • removing or adding people and objects;
  • work with objects in the photo, clean them, and adjust the color balance.

In other words, retouchers will process the picture of your child and make it perfect.

Challenges of Newborn Photo

Each photographer knows that picturing a newborn is not a simple job. Parents only have a week to capture this stage of their baby’s life. It means that you can’t delay the session and make it at the ideal time.

The setting can be a problem too. Parents can ask to make a session at home or even at the hospital where you can’t set good lighting. Even the best camera cannot ensure the photos’ quality in this situation.

Another challenge is the appearance of a newborn. Birth is a hard process, and this small person still adapts to the environment. This adaptation cause blemishes, skin stains, flaky skin, etc. It’s completely natural, but parents want a perfect picture for their family album.

Our retouchers can help with all three challenges. We provide the best services for processing pictures and cleaning all imperfections and flaws.

The Features of Our Service

We have wide experience in the field of processing. Editing newborn photos have specifics, and retouching artists need to know how to use the full potential of Photoshop and other professional tools. We never use outsourcing and trust only our experienced specialists.

All the retouchers in our company have worked in this field for more than 10 years and can manage all the challenges. Our professional IPS monitors ensure the best quality of editing. We know all manipulations necessary for newborn pictures.

There are special offers for photographers and other wholesale clients. If you are not satisfied with the retouching plans presented on the site, contact us, and we’ll discuss the individual offer. We are always glad to find a mutually beneficial solution.

Another signature of FlipRetouch is security. We never use the pictures and never provide them to third parties. Our specialists are limited by NDA, and they can’t share the customers’ information. The photos of your baby are in safe hands. We value your information and do our best to keep it really personal.

The Process of The Ordering

Making an order is extremely easy. Just click on the corresponding button and upload your pictures. Right after the payment, our retouch artists will start processing. They are professionals and work fast and efficiently. You’ll get the order in the nearest time.

The exchange of the pictures is processed through the drop box on the site. We keep the files on our protected server in full security. After they are ready, you’ll get the link to download the results to your device. You’ll enjoy our services and the outstanding quality of the processing. Don’t wait; place the order now!

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